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As a magazine with a relatively small staff, we publish a lot of work by freelancers. Many of these stories are by people who have longstanding relationships with editors here. But some of them originate with pitches that come in out of the blue.

Payments for No Cilantro, Please™ Magazine

All payments will be paid within 14 to 30 business days upon receipt of invoice and article. If no invoice is received, payment will not be allocated.

Who to Contact:

Aya Lanzoni, Co-Founder and Co-Editor

Alison Rochford, Co-Founder, Co-Editor, and Designer;

Ces - Guest Contributor

Ces Heredia (she/her)

Contributing Writer

Ces Heredia (she/her) is a Mexican Jewish writer based in a small beach town in northern Mexico. When she’s not writing you’ll probably find her treating herself to yet another pair of shoes, trying to get through her endless pile of books to read, or hanging our with her Rottweilers. She’s a firm believer that anything is possible with hard work, a little luck and a lot of sparkle.

Eddie Velazquez

Contributing Writer

Eddie Velazquez is an award-winning journalist based out of upstate New York. When he is not writing about local news, labor, or fair housing, he is probably writing about arts and culture. You can follow his work on Twitter or on his website. Note that, unlike the name of this fine magazine, Eddie loves cilantro and all dishes that incorporate it.

Eddie - guest contributor
Liana Demasi - guest contributor

Liana DeMasi

Contributing Writer

Liana DeMasi is a fiction writer and freelance journalist living in Brooklyn, NY, with bylines in The Boston Globe, i-D Magazine, Poynter, Atmos and others. You can follow her on Twitter or Instagram @lianademasi.

Chidinma "Dee" Iwu

Contributing Writer

Chidinma is an independent journalist and content strategist who has covered some of the biggest topics across feminism, tech, business and culture the past 4 years. With an extensive portfolio of both online and print work, she has been featured in the Daily Mail, Paste magazine, Timeout, the Daily Dot, Black Ballad UK, The Business of Business, The Luupe and more.


Riley Fortier

Contributing Writer

Riley Fortier, M.Ed. is an educator, urban farmer, and plant enthusiast in the greater Philadelphia area. When not writing for No Cilantro Please, Riley can be found drinking the freshest coffee or rollerblading in an empty parking lot (although not at the same time).

Micah Brown

Contributing Writer

Micah is a writer and photographer who lives in Brunswick, Maine with his family and myriad of animals. While he may love all things dark and creepy, he is passionate about small business success.

Micah Brown

Victoria Goldiee

Contributing Writer

Victoria Goldiee is a freelance writer and journalist with a keen focus on headlining untold stories of the underrepresented communities in media. She explores the intersection between right, wrong and an appearance of rightness, her writing skills include women, lifestyle and culture.

Tetyana Denford

Guest Contributor

Tetyana Denford is a Ukrainian-American historical fiction author, poet, and translator for Frontline News. She has been featured in The Telegraph and The New York Times. Her first novel “Motherland” was longlisted for the Readers’ Digest Self-Published Book Awards. She hosts a Youtube series called “The Craft and Business of Books,” which is about writing and publishing books.

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