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Small Business

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The Scoop on Scrivener

Writing of any kind is always a process. What that process is depends on who you are and how you approach writing as well as


What’s the Deal with White Labeling?

As entrepreneurs and small business owners, it probably seems like the “To Do” list gets longer every day. So much goes into building a successful


The Wunderkind

At just 20 years old, digital marketing specialist Aditya Raj Singh has already created a name for himself in his industry.  The wise-beyond-his-years Indian businessman


The Algorithm Approach

Managing Slow Months for Seasonal Businesses ‘Tis the season! The season of revenue changes for a lot of small businesses, of course. For some businesses,


Self-Awareness & Success

Meet the Holistic Health Coach Who Works With Women of Color to Achieve Their Dreams When your business’ success depends solely on how much work


The Child of Ukraine

I am a first generation Ukrainian immigrant, born to a family who escaped Soviet and German occupation during WWII. I am an author, a business


‘The Tesla of Housing’

Affordable housing and eco-friendly living are in increasingly high demand, especially in Atlanta’s booming real estate market. Majesty and Elize Gayle are emerging leaders in


Our Wealth Matters

A Financial Literacy Coach on a Mission to Empower Immigrant Women & Families Whether we like it or not, we all need money to help